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Our Mission

FELIX GLUER’s mission is to empower organizations with technology and knowledge that streamline their businesses. We are fearless of challenges, constantly exploring new ways of upgrading our products. Driven by customer trust and innovative ideas, we enhance the landscape of the CNC industry.

What sets us apart is our creativity combined with the desire to listen to what our customers need.

We always present our ideas to operators, technical staff, and production managers in order to give them the most USER-FRIENDLY tools possible. This approach, combined with our experience, allows us to develop this exceptional technology.
Michalina Zakrocka

The story of FELIX GLUER

This is how the story of gluing automation unfolds.
As a CNC constructor and software engineer, I had designed many different machines, but I was still looking for the one that would make a change and feel the gap.

While visiting my customers back in 2015, I realized that many of them were still using hand-gluing operators, on jobs that in my opinion could have been easily automated. I did my research and realized why. There was  no truly modern, fast, easily set up CNC solution that would make the job for them.
The idea to revolutionize low and medium-run gluing production flourished in my head and I started designing FELIX GLUER - a solution the market has not seen before.
Piotr Wyrodow-Rakowski
Founder at FELIX GLUER
FELIX GLUER became a fully developed product and brand, with a partner network covering every continent.  New installations were performed in many industries, including packaging, automotive, furniture, insulation and construction.
We concentrated on the development of our in-house software and added new options for our plotters. We aimed for new certificates, brand registrations and process automation.
The “Covid year" was very intensive for us, yet positive in many ways. We presented the new FELIX GLUER brand identity, introducing a unique, top-tier design. It was also a year of a further market expansion. We installed first machines in North and South America, while transforming our services to be fully remote, when it comes to sales and post-sales support.
Together with our FG:Partners network, we extended our reach by delivering professional sales & service in many European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia.
A new FG:One model had its premiere at Fachpack in Nuremberg. At that point, the market had already started to recognize our solution as a premium product. We started cooperation with Meler in the field of adhesive systems.
Our plotter was shown at international fairs in Germany. First orders from abroad reinforced our efforts to further develop FELIX GLUER as our main product. Two flagship models FG:COMBO and FG:SINGLE were introduced.
The beginning of FELIX GLUER. FELIX GLUER was first introduced to the local POS display market. With the product launch  already exceeding our expectations, we became even more focused on this project.

Our Team

Meet the people behind FELIX GLUER.

Sales Team

We excel at assisting our client base in selecting the best available solution for each scenario they are dealing with. All the consults provided by our team lead to a streamlined production model, which is always client-specific. Our experts help to make the right call.

Service & Customer Care

We introduce a CNC technology that fuels your success. For this reason our Customer Care team is always ready to share their knowledge and experience, offering proactive support whenever it is required. With our omnichannel approach, it is possible to provide you with a fast and relevant service, either remotely, or on-site.

Office Team

A team that connects each part of our organization, watching over procedures and legal issues to ensure a top-tier security on every stage of cooperation with us. This also involves professional documention handling, quality assurance and certification. And a great coffee :).

Warehouse & Logistics

A team that keeps the purchasing process and sales of machine parts under total control. It is hard to ignore their impact on our company - they are masterminds behind the scenes, men who know and remember everything.

Production Team

Our production heroes, whose hands craft each new FELIX GLUER model. We wouldn't see our company flourish without their diligence and attention to detail.

Branding Team

We have broken many stereotypes about CNC products, creating a designer love brand. Will you fall in love with FELIX GLUER too?

Global availability via a Partnership Network

FELIX GLUER is available globally thanks to our Authorized Partners. Find out how to reach them.