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Can a CNC plotter machine really be faster than highly specialized manual gluing operators?

Yes! FELIX GLUER glue plotters can speed up the gluing process up to 6 times, depending on the project. Even highly specialized manual operators cannot match this, as their working time includes both manual glue application and manual assembly. With FELIX GLUER plotters, the application of glue is lightning-fast and fully automated, while your operators can focus on the assembly.

Do I need a specialized CNC operator or CAD designer to work efficiently?

No. Our FG : PRO software offers an impressive range of features for CAD designers, but does not require any additional course, outside of the complimentary training we always provide for your gluing team. After a two-day introduction, every operator can use FELIX GLUER plotters without a hassle.

How the installation and trainings are conducted?

Installation of FELIX GLUER plotters is just one part of the whole process to get you and your team comfortable with the gluing automation. For each installation we arrange a free on-site training alongside with production run tests. All this to make sure that your team can start working efficiently the next day. Trainings are conducted in your language. To learn more about them, visit the dedicated section on our website. [Installation & Trainings]

Can my gluing operators handle the process of working with a glue plotter?

Absolutely. FELIX GLUER plotters have been created to optimize the production process, so the machine operation is really straightforward and user-friendly. During the installation of our plotters we conduct a multi-day training for operators, during which we make sure that every member of your gluing team can efficiently work with a plotter.

Will a glue plotter fit into my production space?

Every model of FELIX GLUER plotters has a floorplan, on which basis you can easily calculate the space needed to introduce a glue plotter in your production hall. You can find floorplans for each model on its dedicated page.

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