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Find out how FELIX GLUER boosts the efficiency of gluing divisions.

Piotr Tatar, Owner of ROYALPACK
Case Study

ROYALPACK gets a quadruple boost in gluing efficiency with FELIX GLUER

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2-3 machines
Zheni Ilieva (CEO at Dimeko)
Case Study

Dimeko improves their production capacity by 30% using FELIX GLUER plotters

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2-3 machines
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From different-sized gluing divisions
Gluing division size (1):
From 4 operators, 1 machine
Gluing division size (2-3):
From 10 operators, 2-3 machines
Gluing division size (4+):
From 50 operators, 4 machines and more
Thanks to FELIX GLUER we have the opportunity to provide our clients with high-volume production in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The quality of service, the responsiveness and the readiness to solve any challenges together – every of these aspects I would rate 5 stars

Piotr Tatar



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Especially after the 2nd Felix machine started at the production, we significantly started to feel the production capacity increase. I would recommend investing in Felix Gluer with the benefits of production efficiency, improving technology, high quality customer service & support.

Doğan Erş

Asst. General Manager

DS Smith Turkey

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I think it is a great value that we may rely on a fluent service all the time. Of course, having one of the most up-to-date gluing machines (which FELIX proposes) is also a perfect advantage on the market. Last but not least we are completely sure the company provides the most competitive prices among its competitors.

Zheni Ilieva



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FELIX GLUER has been a valuable addition to our operations. It has enhanced our productivity and efficiency, and the outstanding client service has made the entire experience smooth and hassle-free. We highly recommend the Felix Gluer to any business looking to improve their gluing processes.

Alex Rusu

Executive Director

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As a display manufacturer, we are now using the new gluing machine in almost all areas of display bonding. The machine can also be used well for folding boxes and other decorative items.

Roland Ulbrich

Managing Director


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The Felix Gluer has delivered results beyond our expectations. Our productivity levels have increased dramatically, while reducing energy and adhesive costs.

Luke Barber


Barber Packaging Co

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