As marketing becomes more personalized, the printing has also evolved by adopting technologies that streamline the process. Gluing automation is one of them.

Our Solution:
Certain models of FELIX GLUER fit these materials and business lines perfectly. To find out more about our plotter solutions, tap the recommended model.

Industry Overview

The more customized marketing printed products are, the bigger focus is placed on technologies supporting their production. Customer satisfaction lies in delivering high-quality products of unique design that can also be manufactured in a fast, more efficient way than before. FELIX GLUER glue plotters offer the best way to merge those needs together.

Manufacturing printed elements of custom shape and size is extremely difficult without a versatile toolset. Having multiple small elements to glue also requires your team to double their efforts in order to avoid mistakes. For high-quality printed applications, this can become costly.
At FELIX GLUER, we provide tools that operate at full precision, even when gluing complicated elements with different substrates in low quantities. Your team can now work more efficiently and multiple times faster compared to hand-gluing.

With a unique worktable design and positioning pins included, FELIX GLUER : Light is a model highly recommended for specialty printing and marketing applications. Please contact our team to pick a model fitting your business needs.

Applications in Printing

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Printing by FELIX GLUER

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