Material Testing

We conduct benchmark tests on custom materials and give you extensive feedback.

More than just glue plotters
We establish a dialogue, which covers every stage of our cooperation. Our aim is not only to give you a solution, but also to share our know-how. The process is divided into 6 stages, each one addressing a particular aspect of our service.

Experience a boost to your performance

A great way to learn about the efficiency our glue plotters bring to the table is to run benchmark tests on a chosen material type. Testing can be carried out during a live demo, or offline individually.  After testing, you will get a performance video with more feedback from us.

Our solution for efficiency leap

To provide you with a bespoke solution, we also gather data about your business model and your gluing cost-efficiency. In return, we give you extensive feedback with precise calculation of costs and savings FELIX GLUER introduces.

Watch FELIX GLUER live

We know that seeing is believing and there is no better way to get a proof of our tech than to experience it live. We set up our showroom according to your specification, using materials of your choice. You won’t get bored as we go through the machine setup - with one-minute setup times it feels like a breeze.

Trusted by 150+ companies

Brands that trust FELIX GLUER include:

Experience FELIX GLUER in live presentation

Our FG : Showroom is fully equipped and ready to host you and perform tests on your materials, either online or on site.