Additional options and tools expanding the base functionality of the FELIX GLUER technology.

Design tools

Upgrades that speed up the glue path creation and offer alternative workflows.

FELIX GLUER : Photopath™

A visual, camera-based glue path design tool
  • CAD designs no longer needed, even for complicated jobs
  • Draw the design on a photo of a worktable with loaded elements
  • Smooth integration with FG : PRO
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FELIX GLUER : Photoshape™

Changes hand drawing to a digital glue path CAD project
  • Simply draw glue paths directly on the item, using a colored marker
  • Generate glue paths using the shape reference
  • FG : PRO will automatically add paths to the design
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FELIX GLUER : Barcode Scanner

Imports the ready gluing design with all production data
  • Scan a code to see production plan and ready-made files for a given shift
  • Easily integrates with your internal barcode system
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A stand-alone toolset for glue path design
  • Created for CAD teams designing away from the production line
  • All design features of FG: PRO
  • Import of CAD files available (DXF, DWG, AI)
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Production control tools

Upgrades that take management of your gluing division to the next level.

FELIX GLUER : Statistics

Data analysis and reporting of production costs
  • Detailed data on gluing time of single element, the entire batch, productivity and more
  • Separate calculation of hot melt and cold glue consumption.
  • Export of the production data available
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FELIX GLUER : Production Planner

A production planning module
  • Reliable repetition of the production output
  • Easy setup with available presets
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FELIX GLUER : Card Access

A touchless login system with an improved access to team data
  • Improve the security by managing credentials
  • Separate access levels for operator, admin and service
  • Integrated with FG: Statistics
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Worktable options

Customize your worktable according to your current production.

FELIX GLUER : Middle Barrier

A physical barrier that doubles the number of work zones
  • An increased flexibility of your production
  • An easy way to increase the number of glued elements
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FELIX GLUER : Smart Tables

A sensor system that checks the availability of materials on worktable
  • Stops the production when running out of glued elements
  • No more excessive glue on the worktable
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A set of magnetic pins
  • Perfect for setting up small glued elements on the worktable
  • Available in 3 different sizes
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External devices

Equipment that streamlines your everyday work with glue plotters.


A physical press to improve the bonding process of glued elements
  • Anti-scratch table and rolls finish
  • Available in 3 different sizes
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FELIX GLUER : Up & Down Stacker

An external table with a material stacking option
  • Stacks materials semi-automatically
  • Two working modes, for lifting or lowering the stack to the base level
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FELIX GLUER : Assembly Table

An external table for an easy placement of glued elements
  • Used for the assembly of glued elements
  • Manual placement of elements
  • Available in 3 different sizes
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Why choose FELIX GLUER

Key features of our machines

Ultra-short production setup

Speeding up machine setup time is crucial for the overall production efficiency boost up. With FELIX GLUER you get the fastest setup on the market, thanks to our amazing automation tools, like FG: Photopath and FG: Photoshape.

Flexibility in gluing methods

FELIX GLUER is a versatile toolset. You can easily adapt it to your current needs by selecting different work table settings, different glue nozzles and adhesive application methods. You can also quickly select the fastest machine setup mode to instantly start gluing the next element.

Universal connectivity

FELIX GLUER is a modern 4.0 industry device. It can be connected and integrated inside your company's information-sharing system, via LAN or Wireless. Use it for multiple purposes: to send gluing CAD designs from your design office directly to the machine, to plan production queue, to get data for glue consumption and efficiency statistics, or to get fast online support from the FG:Team.

Control, calculations, statistics

Full knowledge and control over production processes are so important. FELIX GLUER enables precise calculation of glue consumption, provides information on production efficiency and gives complete data for cost calculation.

Role signing and ease of use

FELIX GLUER software suite is very user-friendly. It adjusts its complexity and access levels based on a person's role. Use FG: Card Access to easily log in to the system. Your regular operators may start production using ready-to-use gluing projects just by scanning a barcode. Whereas, your designer can use complex CAD designing tools in FELIX GLUER:PRO to prepare the gluing paths.

Excellent support

You can always count on our ongoing technical support. Remote real-time support is always available, as well as assistance from our technical partners, who can do installations and training globally.

Trusted by 150+ companies

Brands that trust FELIX GLUER include:

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We are ready to host you and present critical features of our technology, either online or on site.