The importance of adhesives in the furniture sector is growing, with manufacturers leaning on new tech for tasks such as fabric bonding and wood assembly.

Our Solution:
Certain models of FELIX GLUER fit these materials and business lines perfectly. To find out more about our plotter solutions, tap the recommended model.

Industry Overview

Adhesives have become a great alternative to mechanical fasteners, allowing easy bonding of different substrates and a more efficient production in most cases. FELIX GLUER glue plotters have been designed to automate gluing of large sheets of wood-based, foam and honeycomb materials, making them a great addition to your furniture assembly line.

Using manual techniques to glue furniture elements, such as foam cushions or drawers, is considered a bottleneck in most assembly lines. Hand-gluing is not only detrimental to the production efficiency, increasing its time substantially, but also generates safety risks for workers.
Introducing FELIX GLUER automation provides a big boost to the overall performance in furniture gluing. With the removal of glue guns, your gluing staff also will benefit from a safer, less hazardous workplace.

With a large worktable and features allowing easy positioning of material boards, FELIX GLUER : Double is a model recommended for furniture gluing. Please contact our team to pick a model fitting your business needs.

Applications in Furniture

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