The construction industry has adopted bonding techniques for enhancing construction processes such as insulation, decoration and more.

Our Solution:
Certain models of FELIX GLUER fit these materials and business lines perfectly. To find out more about our plotter solutions, tap the recommended model.

Industry Overview

As construction businesses place prefabrication and integrated technologies in the bigger spotlight, it has also become critical to improve  methods of applying adhesives to construction substrates. FELIX GLUER glue plotters automate gluing of prefabricated construction elements, including EPS/XPS insulation boards, foam panels, as well as wood-based panels.

Bonding insulation and decorative elements is often done using glue guns, which greatly lowers the production output and an overall efficiency of the process. Manual gluing is also a quite expensive option when using only hot melt glues and without access to cold gluing techniques.
Including FELIX GLUER technology in your gluing workflow translates into a process that can be multiple times faster and half as expensive, compared to hand-gluing. Our CNC gluing systems offer cost-efficient combinations of hot melt and PVA.

Gluing large elements is best suited for glue plotters of the FELIX GLUER : Double line, but larger versions of models Single and Combo are also recommended. Please contact our team to pick a model fitting your business needs.

Applications in Construction

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Construction by FELIX GLUER

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