Logistics companies are constantly looking for building blocks through efficient packaging, which includes gluing automation.

Our Solution:
Certain models of FELIX GLUER fit these materials and business lines perfectly. To find out more about our plotter solutions, tap the recommended model.

Industry Overview

There are many challenges ahead for the logistics industry. With supply not always meeting an increasing demand for supply chain services, there is a growing need to implement new technologies that support packaging of goods in a more efficient way. FELIX GLUER provides automation of gluing processes, improving packaging performance by leaps and bounds.

Using hand-gluing for packaging lowers the productivity of the process and increases amount of defective elements. It is also much more difficult to efficiently calculate production output with inconsistencies in the amount of boxes glued by the staff.
With the introduction of FELIX GLUER tech, your gluing team gets a big boost to their performance, as boxes and other glued elements are assembled in an efficient, precise manner. Production output can be planned and controlled with ease due to the software toolset included with every glue plotter.

All models (other than FELIX GLUER: Light) are suitable for a wide range of applications in logistics. For more specific use cases, please contact our team to pick a model fitting your business needs.

Applications in Logistics

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Logistics by FELIX GLUER

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