The application of adhesives in POS display production is no longer limited to hand-gluing. Automated solutions are about to take over the market.

Our Solution:
Certain models of FELIX GLUER fit these materials and business lines perfectly. To find out more about our plotter solutions, tap the recommended model.

Industry Overview

While manual gluing and semi-automated systems have been available for a while, they do not offer neither the ability to work on the large scale, nor the versatility needed to switch between lower and higher production runs on the go. Enter FELIX GLUER, a glue plotter solution to automate the adhesive application on display elements of various shapes and sizes.

The cost efficiency of POS display production is tightly connected to manual labor. The labor cost and the risk of human error can affect the production output negatively, as the scale of production goes up. The cost is also much higher with manual techniques due to dependence on hot melt adhesives.
With the introduction of FELIX GLUER plotters, the production cost can be lowered by a large margin, due to optimization of production setup and reduction of faulty elements. Possible simultaneous use of cold glues together with hot melt on the same display element decreases the cost even more.

With up to four independent work tables, FELIX GLUER : Combo is an excellent solution for gluing POS/Display elements in various production setups. Please contact our team to pick a model fitting your business needs.

Ready to take your POS display production to the next level?

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