Installation & Training

For each machine we arrange free on-site training with production run tests.

More than just glue plotters
We establish a dialogue, which covers every stage of our cooperation. Our aim is not only to give you a solution, but also to share our know-how. The process is divided into 6 stages, each one addressing a particular aspect of our service.

Installation excellence

We put a lot of effort to provide a great user experience from the beginning, as our end-to-end installation service is by no means a standard one. We are happy to deliver a full scope of on-site tests with additional SAT performance testing as an option.

Comprehensive and user-friendly

We find trainings as one of the most critical parts of the whole onboarding process.  Our goal is to make trainings as comprehensive as they are user-friendly. Trainings are conducted in your local language.

Trusted by 150+ companies

Brands that trust FELIX GLUER include:

Do you need more trainings for your team?

New staff members on board? We are happy to provide additional trainings.