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Why automate gluing

Get yourself acquainted with main reasons for introducing gluing automation.

Aren’t we all tired of manual production?

The automation of production processes is becoming increasingly popular, even among small and medium-sized companies. It provides an instant boost to each organization that still relies on manual gluing techniques for assembly and prefabrication. This applies to printing, packaging, automotive, construction and other industries.

With FELIX GLUER, that boost is within your reach.

Numbers that speak for themselves

Enjoy the game-changing efficiency of FELIX GLUER.

up to
faster gluing rate *
* Compared to hand gluing
up to
lower glue
consumption *
* Compared to hand gluing
sold globally
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Things to know about gluing automation

Easy production scaling

Setting the right scale of the production is no small feat for any company that considers an increase in production capacity. Glue plotters shorten production times and allow a versatile configuration of operator’s work, depending on present needs. With short setup times, the production can be scaled efficiently for various quantities.

Quick tips

Streamline the gluing process

It may be difficult to min-max the process of hand gluing. Each model of FELIX GLUER allows a flexible task setup for operators, to adjust efficiently to different workloads. This will also allow to reduce possible production discrepancies to the bare minimum.

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Precision and full control

With digital automation, you can rest assured that each production output can be precisely planned in time, measured and repeated with 100% accuracy. This translates into a better command over your business. When planning future projects, being able to calculate costs and production time should be a huge boon.

Quick tips

Introduce a user-friendly software

We provide an easy digital setup for your production, with production planning, design and CAD files integration in FG : PRO software.  With FG : Statistics, you get a powerful solution for calculating production data.

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Cost reduction with lower glue usage

One of main reasons our customers choose FELIX GLUER glue plotters is to save money, and the easiest way to do that is by reducing glue consumption. FELIX GLUER users have confirmed that since switching from manual gluing to plotter gluing, their hot melt consumption has been reduced by 40% to 60%.

Experience an instant boost to your efficiency

All we need is 4 simple details about your current gluing department. Based on these, we will prepare a savings forecast for you.