FELIX GLUER Photoshape™

A real-time shape-tracking system for glue path design.

Simply draw glue paths directly on the item, using a colored marker
Generate glue paths using the shape reference
FG : PRO will automatically add paths to the design

Draw glue paths in real-time

The FG : Photoshape tool offers an alternative way to design paths on glued materials, without even touching the design in FG : PRO. FG : Photoshape will track the references drawn on the worktable and generate glue paths in FG : PRO accordingly.    All done in a matter of seconds.


Draw with markers on materials stacked on worktable

The glue path design is created simply by drawing with color markers on a glued element and using the installed camera with ImageGrabber technology to capture the photo of a worktable with stacked elements. FG : Photoshape then captures the drawn reference and generate glue paths in FG : PRO according to it.

An easy setup in FG: PRO

You can configure the tracking system by simply selecting reference colors in the FG: PRO software. Photoshape tool will track chosen tints and match them with the color reference available on the worktable. Precise glue paths are generated in FG: PRO as a part of your design.  You can always modify the generated path according to your needs.

An integrated camera with the ImageGrabber technology

The FG : Photopath and FG : Photoshape sets come with an integrated camera, installed at the top of glue systems stand beam.

MS Windows compatible

Together with our software, we provide a PC running on MS Windows.

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