FELIX GLUER Statistics

Gain control over the gluing process with this production data analysis and cost reporting toolset.

Data on gluing time of one element, the entire batch, productivity and more
Separate calculation of hot melt and cold glue consumption.
Export of the production data available

Manage the production data

Capitalize on your production data with this advanced toolset. FG : Statistics processes every detail from the production process, providing detailed data on estimated glue consumption (per element, or per job), gluing and production time, non-productive time or machine efficiency. An integration with the FG : PRO software results in a fluid workflow and an easy access to all your data.

Customizable reporting

Fuel the growth of your business with a reporting module, providing precise breakdown of data over a particular time period (either daily, monthly, or using a custom range of dates). Export the data for other teams to get better insight on the production efficiency and overall performance.

Also available as FG: Statistics EX, including the module for real-time glue consumption with a precise glue weighting option. Contact our team to learn more.


Easy access to the CAD file preview

Apart from the statistical data analysis, you can also view each CAD design file for which data is collected.

Estimated efficiency calculations

Based on the production data, FG : Statistics can calculate estimated production results and efficiency of your gluing processes per hour or per shift. You will know every detail regarding the estimated glue consumption and gluing time.

Production data ready for exporting and printing

Provide your team with a detailed reporting data sheet that can be exported as a breakdown over a various time period (daily, monthly or custom dates).

Multiple language versions available

Our software is available in the following language versions: English, Polish, German and Spanish.

Remote technical assistance

Each FELIX GLUER machine is equipped with a service camera for handling any service request remotely, if possible. This allows our Support team representative to efficiently identify a large number of potential issues during an online video call.

MS Windows compatible

Together with our software, we provide a PC running on MS Windows.

The feature you were expecting is not here?

We are always up for the challenge when it comes to streamlining your business operations. While our broad product portfolio already reflects hundreds of use cases, it is possible to achieve even more specific production requirements by going custom. Contact our team to learn more. Contact us >

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