Got a design office away from the production line? Get a stand-alone toolset for glue path design.

Created for CAD teams designing away from the production line
All design features of 
Import of CAD files available (DXF, DWG, AI)

A focus on design

In FG : Studio we focus on a modeling aspect of our leading CNC software FG : PRO, introducing a stand-alone solution for CAD designers. Create glue path designs that reflect your team’s gluing projects with a robust vector toolset. Then save your projects for operators so that they can implement them flawlessly.

Simulate the glue path

Even without the functionality to control the plotter, FG : Studio allows users to preview how their design will look like. With a simulation feature, it is now possible to run a test presenting the order in which glue paths will be added in a real-life scenario.


Import of CAD files available (DXF, DWG, AI)

If your design team is working on an external CAD software, you can easily import CAD files in formats such as DXF, DWG and AI.

Sending design projects directly for operators to use

With a configured local network you can send a ready design project from FG : Studio directly to the operator working on a FELIX GLUER machine.

User-friendly interface

We have updated and revamped an interface for both FG : PRO and FG : Studio software to make it on par with other top-tier CAD software. Easy access to key features, modern look and functionality improve the usability, speed up the design process and give you full control over the glue path creation.

Multiple language versions available

Our software is available in the following language versions: English, Polish, German and Spanish.

Remote technical assistance

Each FELIX GLUER machine is equipped with a service camera for handling any service request remotely, if possible. This allows our Support team representative to efficiently identify a large number of potential issues during an online video call.

MS Windows compatible

Together with our software, we provide a PC running on MS Windows.

The feature you were expecting is not here?

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