TACK series

A variety of water based adhesives, enhancing HMA performance on hard to bond surfaces and in harsh climatic conditions.

An optimum SOLUTION FOR:
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Easy flow for different applicator types
Stable quality in harsh conditions
Promoting adhesion for big dimension boxes & displays

Enhancing your performance

We have created the FG : TACK series to further address the need for enhanced adhesion on large glued elements, such as displays, especially when exposed to difficult environmental conditions. With their optimum viscosity, FG : TACK series are perfect for glue application in wide range of patterns and using nozzles of different sizes.

Full assistance at every stage

We assist in the initial glue trials, providing access to our FG : Showroom in which we conduct tests for you. You can also count on adhesive trainings for your staff, regular glue consumption tracking, on-demand alternative solutions for new projects, as well as periodic support for cleaing gluing systems.


Suitable for a wide range of glue patterns

Due to their optimum viscosity and rheology, FG : TACK series can be applied by tiny nozzles with a wide range of gluing patterns.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

FG : TACK series enhance adhesion force of hot melt glues which were applied at the same time using FG plotters, especially for big dimensional POS displays in order to be resistant for fierce climate conditions.

Optimum setting time

Setting time is crucial for the efficiency of your production and FG : TACK series consist of a wide spread of glues providing optimum setting time for your production.

Excellent adhesion performance for different substrates

One of the most important parameters while selecting the right adhesive for your system is to understand the substrate characteristic. FG : Adhesives have a variety of adhesive solutions for making the best possible adhesion on the most difficult surfaces.

The feature you were expecting is not here?

We are always up for the challenge when it comes to streamlining your business operations. While our broad product portfolio already reflects hundreds of use cases, it is possible to achieve even more specific production requirements by going custom. Contact our team to learn more. Contact us >

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