Dimeko improves their production capacity by 30% using FELIX GLUER plotters

Discover how Dimeko boosted their POS production with the introduction of FELIX GLUER plotters into their production workflow.
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Gluing division size (1):
From 4 operators, 1 machine
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From 10 operators, 2-3 machines
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From 50 operators, 4 machines and more


higher production capacity


Dimeko is a Bulgarian manufacturer of POS displays with over 20 years of experience and more than 400 000 projects under their belt.  Collaborating with 350 clients and having manufactured over 1 700 000 POS materials, they are a leading manufacturer in the region. Learn more about them at https://dimeko.com.


The POS industry is a highly competitive market, requiring to be at the top of the game both in terms of offered products and the tech infrastructure behind it. For Dimeko, the decision to invest in automated solutions came in a natural way as most of the items they are producing are appropriate for using gluing automatic machines.  

With floor displays, bins and similar POS materials being the main products manufactured daily at Dimeko’s production facility, the company has started the search process to implement the gluing automation.

The Client has chosen the following solutions:


In 2023 the company decided to begin the cooperation with FELIX GLUER, purchasing two glue plotters of the Single line. With the POS production in mind, the choice fell on the largest available model size (XL), perfectly capable of handling large, glued elements.  

With a plan to boost the capacity numbers by a wide margin, Dimeko has quickly implemented the first two machines to use them in their daily operations.

I think it is a great value that we may rely on a fluent service all the time. Of course, having one of the most up-to-date gluing machines (which FELIX proposes) is also a perfect advantage on the market. Last but not least we are completely sure the company provides the most competitive prices among its competitors.
Zheni Ilieva
CEO at Dimeko)
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The addition of FELIX GLUER glue plotters for Dimeko has become a wise business decision as the company has increased their capacity by 30% using FG : Single machines, according to Zheni Ilieva, CEO at Dimeko. Even greater value for the company – that could not be counted – has been an overall improvement in terms of gluing precision and a better quality of items manufactured at Dimeko’s factory.

The best proof that the gluing automation provided by FELIX GLUER is working is the decision to order the latest model of the new Duet line in 2024. With such commitment to further automate their gluing processes, the future is bright for Dimeko.

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