FELIX GLUER’s world-first dual support glue plotter is now available

June 10, 2024

WARSAW, 28 MAY 2024 – FELIX GLUER announced the premiere of FG : Duet, first XY glue plotter with dual head support. Developed in a close collaboration with the packaging industry and printing outlets, FELIX GLUER : Duet is a next-gen glue plotter machine capable of handling flexibly even highly sophisticated gluing projects. A dual head support introduced in this model provides new working modes, boosting the versatility of the plotter by a large margin.  

Head supports can be set up in diverse ways - to work simultaneously on the same pattern, or to mirror the pattern used by a single head set. Each support may work independently, allowing the second one to apply an adhesive on the entire work area. When using both supports at the same time, the production output can be doubled effectively.

The next tier of flexibility

Adding another head support stand opens up new possibilities in terms of conducting gluing projects, further diversifying production setups for gluing companies, with new options for gluing large elements using a single head set and implementing the double support when working on smaller die-cut forms. The number of use cases is nearly unlimited.

“Our goal was to provide gluing and finishing departments with a new flexible solution that helps optimize gluing efficiency” said Michalina Zakrocka, CEO of FELIX GLUER. “With FG : Duet you get a powerful gluing toolset that can be adapted to your current workflow and production type.”

Having two support systems instead of one also means that you can organize the production space more efficiently. FG : Duet requires the same amount of room as other FELIX GLUER machines, while providing even two-times higher performance than single head support models of similar size.