ROYALPACK gets a quadruple boost in gluing efficiency with FELIX GLUER

Find out how ROYALPACK increased their production capacities by adopting FELIX GLUER technology for their packaging and POS/Display projects.
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Gluing division size (1):
From 4 operators, 1 machine
Gluing division size (2-3):
From 10 operators, 2-3 machines
Gluing division size (4+):
From 50 operators, 4 machines and more
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increase in gluing efficiency


faster gluing with 40% of team size

ROYALPACK is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard and packaging, producing individual and collective packaging, displays, as well as conducting projects from the POS group of products. They use offset and flexo printing techniques for their projects. Learn more about them at


The packaging industry is a highly dynamic market environment, consisting of many moving pieces that can affect production efficiency and profitability. With the constantly changing requirements from both clients and packaging manufacturers, delivery times have become a real challenge for ROYALPACK.

Especially large format projects have become a real chore for a team of operators that was using only glue guns for gluing at that time. When working with particularly complicated projects (including die-cut forms with four gluing points for example), the team has become more and more disheartened about their tasks. Such challenging projects required highly convoluted manual setups, with 10 tables and 10 glue guns for each element and quickly became ineffective.

Increasingly demanding deadlines, alongside with difficulties in gluing any non-standard types of materials, have pushed ROYALPACK in search for a solution that would streamline and unify their production workflow and improve their competitiveness on global markets.

The Client has chosen the following solutions:


In 2021 the company chose FELIX GLUER to provide them with an automated gluing solution.

Due to its high versatility, we have recommended ROYALPACK the implementation of our glue plotter of the Combo line. Boasting 4 independent worktables and being available in different model sizes, we found it a perfect fit for a highly complex production done at ROYALPACK that can also be scalable depending on the project type. With an increasing focus on POS/Display production, FELIX GLUER : Combo could fill that gap with ease.

The versatility of FELIX GLUER machines has also translated well in terms of combining different glued substrates, like for example gluing corrugated packaging with paper handles in one of recent ROYALPACK’s projects.

The implementation has been handled well by the team of operators. According to Piotr Tatar, Owner of ROYALPACK there was mostly positive feedback about new automated production setups, affecting positively work culture as well.

Thanks to FELIX GLUER we have the opportunity to provide our clients with high-volume production in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The quality of service, the responsiveness and the readiness to solve any challenges together – every of these aspects I would rate 5 stars.
Piotr Tatar


The transformation from manual gluing to gluing automation has translated for ROYALPACK into even quadruple increase in gluing efficiency, while giving them an option to optimize the size of the operating team for each project. In the case of the aforementioned large format projects, it resulted in needing only 4 machine operators instead of 10 glue gun operators.

The introduction of the FELIX GLUER machine provided better control over the glue cost, thanks to full repetitiveness and precision of glue path application. With the gluing department finally automated, delivery times and production speed have been boosted exponentially. Since the inception at ROYALPACK, FELIX GLUER machines have been perfectly capable of handling production runs of up to 50 000 units per project. Even in the case of unique projects such as POS/DIsplay production, it has been possible to shorten the production time by 33 percent (2 weeks instead of 3 weeks' time) with less than half of team size.  

The story does not end here. The success of the first plotter purchase and the activity increase in the POS/Display sector have contributed to ROYALPACK’s decision about adding another FG : Combo glue plotter to the company’s machine park in the first half of 2024. The new machine will aid the company in handling even larger projects on global markets.  

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