A complex toolset for design and production management, included with the basic configuration of FELIX GLUER plotters.

Easy and flexible glue path design
Machine configuration and productivity features
Import of CAD files available (DXF, DWG, AI)

A robust CNC software

FG : PRO software unlocks the true potential of automated gluing. Our in-house-developed, advanced toolset provides a complete functionality for 2D modeling of glue paths, with integral CAM solutions, developed for an excellent glue path precision. Automated glue path generation speeds up the process immensely.

Modular functionality

The standard functionality of FG : PRO can be flexibly upgraded with separate toolsets, expanding the available design and control options, providing additional methods to speed up the path creation process and giving you new ways to streamline the production management.


Import of CAD files available (DXF, DWG, AI)

If your design team is working on an external CAD software, you can easily import CAD files in formats such as DXF, DWG and AI.

Productivity-boosting features

FG : PRO integrates several modules that provide both excellent control over the glue plotter’s performance (including an advanced glue heads setup with available presets) as well as optional modules such as FG : Production Planner and FG : Card Access that expand on the FG : PRO’s basic functionality, adding features for production control and management. Find out about them in the Accessories section. Learn more >

User-friendly interface

We have updated and revamped an interface for both FG : PRO and FG : Studio software to make it on par with other top-tier CAD software. Easy access to key features, modern look and functionality improve the usability, speed up the design process and give you full control over the glue path creation.

Frequently updated

Enjoy regular updates with new features, provided by our development team. Learn more >

MS Windows compatible

Together with our software, we provide a PC running on MS Windows.

The feature you were expecting is not here?

We are always up for the challenge when it comes to streamlining your business operations. While our broad product portfolio already reflects hundreds of use cases, it is possible to achieve even more specific production requirements by going custom. Contact our team to learn more. Contact us >

Production setup & design

Glue paths can be generated on the go using different methods. Find out which of them suits you the best.

FG : Photopath™
Upload the work table’s top-down photo using the ImageGrabber technology and draw paths on it with the FG : PRO software.
FG : Photoshape™
With our shape-tracking system it is now possible to generate paths in FG : PRO from reference in real-time.
FG : Barcode
Use the optional barcode scanner device to read barcode data on materials and send the available design project to FG : PRO.
CAD import
Import CAD files from an external design software. File formats such as DXF, DWG and AI are accepted.
Design a glue paths manually, using the manual control panel and plotter’s integrated laser mechanism.

Upgrade your FG : PRO with:

Design Tools
FG : Studio

A stand-alone toolset for glue path design, created for CAD teams designing away from the production line. Read more >

FG : Photopath

Instead of drawing glue paths manually, use the fastest path design tool on the market. With FG: Photopath you can take the worktable’s top-down photoshots with loaded materials as a reference when designing in FG: PRO. Operators can then create the glue path design with perfect accuracy. Read more >

FG : Photoshape

The FG: Photoshape tool offers an alternative way to design paths on glued materials, without even touching the design in FG: PRO. FG: Photoshape will track the references drawn on the worktable and generate glue paths in FG: PRO accordingly. All done in a matter of seconds. Read more >

FG : Barcode Scanner

An integrated barcode scanner device allowing an easy access to the design and production data in FG: PRO. Perfect for scenarios with a ready design piece included in a barcode on the glued material. Read more >

FG : Statistics

A software module for data analysis and reporting of production costs. FG : Statistics processes every detail from the production process, providing detailed data on on glue consumption, gluing and production time, non-productive time or machine efficiency. Read more >

FG : Production Planner

A production planning module, providing precise control over the production queue. With the Production Planner module, any gluing task can be set and planned for execution at the precise time in the future. Read more >

FG : Card Access

A touchless login system with an improved access to team data. FG: Card Access lets you control credentials of each team member. Read more >

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