Specially designed for gluing automation of large printed elements in industries such as automotive.

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Special roll sets for easy material loading
Multi-line adhesive application options added

Designed for large scale

FELIX GLUER : Double has been created to precisely handle large printed sheets of material (up to 2000 mm x 3000 mm). Work tables in this model have been designed to improve the production process, with special rolls included for easy loading and unloading of elements. Boasting exceptional flexibility in configuration, FELIX GLUER : Double allows the gluing staff to work in different setups.

Any gluing path possible

Enjoy the unmatched speed and precision of automated gluing. As a digital system, practically any gluing design is possible, from multilines and dots, to spray paths. The efficiency is significantly enhanced with an option of applying both hot melt and cold glue at the same time. User-friendly plotter interface, together with a robust design software, make the gluing process a breeze.


A dual-sided compact glue plotter

The FELIX GLUER series machines are computer-controlled glue applying plotters, allowing an automatic application of adhesives on elements placed on the worktable. This particular model provides a worktable that can be accessed from both sides by gluing operators.

Both hot melt & cold glue application of a variety of glue paths

This machine can be equipped with both hot melt and cold glue systems, operating at the same time. The CNC precision provides an advanced way of applying different glue paths. Depending on the workflow, gluing systems and cost-reduction techniques implemented, glue paths can vary from single lines, multi-lines, dots, microdots and spray. Find out more about FELIX GLUER gluing systems in a dedicated section. Read more >

A large 2 × 3 m gluing work table (with a split option)

The worktables in this model can be used in different ways, by two, four or even eight operators in different gluing setups.  A large worktable of 2 x 3 metres can be split in half to provide even more options when organizing your gluing production.

Powered by Valco Melton ®

This plotter is equipped with hot melt systems and pump units provided by Valco Melton, one of the world's leaders in adhesive dispensing technology.

Special roll sets for easy material loading

Due to a large worktable and capacity to contain sizeable elements, we have included additional roll sets allowing an easy placement and positioning of elements on the table.

Material stack height – 500 mm

Glued elements can be stacked on the worktable up to a maximum height of 500 mm.

A PC with preinstalled design & control software - FELIX GLUER : Pro (full license)

This model of FELIX GLUER has been equipped with an advanced toolset featuring both design and production control functionalities. The FELIX GLUER : PRO suite has been developed by the internal team, introducing an unmatched possibility to configure the production setup with the FELIX GLUER glue plotter exactly according to your business model and production capacity. CAD design functionality lets you build you gluing path designs from scratch, with many optional upgrades, expanding on basic features. Find out more about FG : PRO in a dedicated section. Read more >

Production planning and control tools

You can upgrade this model with a number of productivity-enhancing features that will take your gluing workflow to the next level.   From production planning and production data tracking to access credentials configuration, your  team can fully capitalize on gluing automation. Find out more about those Accessories in a dedicated section. Read more >

Free CAD design import (DXF, DWG, AI)

If your design team is working on an external CAD software, you can easily import CAD files in formats such as DXF, DWG and AI.

Advanced remote service system with service camera

A PC stand provided together with this FELIX GLUER machine is equipped with a service camera for handling any service request remotely, if possible. This allows our Support team representative to efficiently identify a large number of potential issues during an online video call.

The feature you were expecting is not here?

We are always up for the challenge when it comes to streamlining your business operations. While our broad product portfolio already reflects hundreds of use cases, it is possible to achieve even more specific production requirements by going custom. Contact our team to learn more. Contact us >

Upgrade your FG : Double with:

Design Tools
FG : Photopath

Instead of drawing glue paths manually, use the fastest path design tool on the market. With FG: Photopath you can take the worktable’s top-down photoshots with loaded materials as a reference when designing in FG: PRO. Operators can then create the glue path design with perfect accuracy. Read more >

FG : Photoshape

The FG: Photoshape tool offers an alternative way to design paths on glued materials, without even touching the design in FG: PRO. FG: Photoshape will track the references drawn on the worktable and generate glue paths in FG: PRO accordingly. All done in a matter of seconds. Read more >

FG : Barcode Scanner

An integrated barcode scanner device allowing an easy access to the design and production data in FG: PRO. Perfect for scenarios with a ready design piece included in a barcode on the glued material. Read more >

FG : Statistics

A software module for data analysis and reporting of production costs. FG : Statistics processes every detail from the production process, providing detailed data on on glue consumption, gluing and production time, non-productive time or machine efficiency. Read more >

FG : Production Planner

A production planning module, providing precise control over the production queue. With the Production Planner module, any gluing task can be set and planned for execution at the precise time in the future. Read more >

FG : Card Access

A touchless login system with an improved access to team data. FG: Card Access lets you control credentials of each team member. Read more >

FG : Smart Tables

An additional worktable sensor that checks for the availability of materials, stopping the production when running out of glued elements. Read more >

FG : Press

A physical press to improve the bonding process of glued elements. Available in 3 different sizes. Read more >

FG : Assembly Table

An external table for a manual placement of glued elements. Available in 3 different sizes. Read more >

FG : UP & DOWN Stacker

An external table with a material stacking option, allowing stacking of the materials in a semi-automatic manner. Read more >

Brochures and floor plans

This FELIX GLUER model is available in following versions. A presentation brochure is also available for download.


dimensions in mm


dimensions in mm


dimensions in mm


dimensions in mm

One size

[2000 x 3000]
2x [2000 x 1500]
dimensions in mm

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